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Inflation, crypto prices and telegram trading signals

Inflation in the US and Europe is one of the most important macro events this month for the cryptocurrency markets. This may influence crypto prices negatively if the central bank of the U.S. surprises markets by raising rates. The rate hike could be 50 bps or even 25 bps higher than they signaled previously. The U.S. consumer price index will also be the most important event this month, as the market expects a 75-bps hike, or two-and-a-half percent increase.

Inflation in the US and Europe has been a big driver of cryptocurrency price trends. The high level of inflation has caused prices to rise, although not to nearly the rate that they have over the past decade. This has caused consumers to spend more money and therefore erode their savings. Because of this, people have historically hedged against inflation by investing in gold or other assets. However, in recent years, people have turned to crypto as an alternative.

The recent inflation data from the US and Europe has prompted traders to ramp up their bets. Inflation-adjusted spending growth in the US is expected to be negative and support the growing recession bets. The ECB is also closely monitoring the impact of the euro exchange rate on inflation, as the central bank doesn’t have a specific target level. The Bank of Canada increased its interest rate in May, surprising markets.

July 2022 month of high volatility

July 2022 market trend was mostly bearish, with the last few days being more positive. Part of the cause of the increase in prices is because the intrest hike announced on 27th July was 75BPS which has been agreement with the economist consensus. Market priced in? high volatility and a BTC price that has held better than some major Forex pairs; these have been the main aspects of this month of July.

How to the signal groups fare?

Telegram Crypto Signals are great for generating profits with your cryptocurrency trading. You can subscribe to their feed to receive the latest updates on various cryptocurrencies. There are many people who use this type of software to make money with cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, you have to be careful when choosing a provider. You should be cautious when using a crypto signals telegram group. Follow our top 10 telegram signal groups if you want to stay safe.

Sublime Traders is another great Telegram crypto signals provider. They’re focused on responsible trading and provide VIP members with insights into the current market. Their group is home to over 60,000 members and features monthly signal reports. Besides that, they also have a moderated VIP Chat group where they try to answer all your questions. However, it can be difficult to choose the best plan, since each package has its own advantages and disadvantages.

FED russian insiders is one of the best Telegram crypto signals groups. This group offers a free and a premium plan, where subscribers get between 3-5 signals per day. For a minimal fee, you can join their free Telegram group and subscribe to the premium plan. But you may want to consider joining a paid group. The latter offers a range of benefits, so you’ll be able to find the right service for your needs.