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Top 10 Binance telegram trading signals groups


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Binance Killers

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FED Russian

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Rocket VIP

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4C Trading

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Futures x125

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Signals Blue

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Fat Pig Signals

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Alpha Trade Zone

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Fellow binancians and cryptocurrency traders, as you know, the world of crypto is full of scams, underperforming signal providers, ghost services and outright liars. So we have took upon ourselves the dantesque task of testing each service provider one by one and creating pertinent unbiased reviews for the Binance crypto traders. We have thus created a thorough procedure for testing each service provider individually allowing us to filter the bad from the good. 

October 2022 Binance telegram crypto signal results are in and available for the providers that have reviews!
If you are a signal provider and want the world to know that you are awesome, prove us that you are worth it and you will get a place on our approved list!

Traders struggled in October on the crypto market, mainly due to the FTX showdown, the FED announcements have partially stopped the bleeding and the market is now in remission. Our top traders have nevertheless squeezed some nice profits once again. The top traders have produced together around 1300% in raw profits

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Litecoin Binance Trading Signals

Litecoin Binance Trading Signals

What is Litecoin(LTC)? The underlying technology of Litecoin is a highly specialized computer that processes mathematical equations required to complete transactions. In the early days,

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Why trade on Binance Futures?

Since you’re here, you must have thought of trading on Binance Futures. There are a few reasons why a crypto enthusiast may consider trading on crypto futures, such as Bitcoin:

  • Shorting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In this approach, a trader will hedge their positions and improve your risk management to protect your crypto portfolio during bear markets.
  • Taking advantage of the leveraged positions. This is where you can trade even if you don’t own the funds.
  • Trade on a secure platform that has the liquidity needed in order to pass orders fast and in a secure manner.

With signals from Binance Futures Signals, you can trade your bitcoin futures with up to 125x leverage. However, as a beginner, you should try and avoid margin trading because it involves more risk of losing your capital quicker than you can imagine. We recommend that only experienced traders take on margin trading because of the extensive knowledge needed.

Experience is the best teacher, so they say!

Over the last few years, I have been in the business of crypto trading. But I spent the larger part of my first one year learning the trade and losing along the way. In other words, my formative years as a crypto trader sent me to learn the game, by getting into a deep understanding of crypto trading signals.

Together with some of my close friends, we entered the fray and decided to learn along the way.

Mistakes here and there…

Developing and redeveloping crypto trading strategies

Joining numerous groups with similar objectives in crypto trading, mostly on Telegram.


With nearly all the signal providers claiming to be top binance futures signals. However, as it turned out, most of those signal providers that promised huge profits were actually scammers.

We aimed to get the best binance trading signals that would ensure profitability in our trading journey.


In retrospect, we would learn that trading signals are not as complicated as many providers make it sound. We’ve learned that a good provider will not only offer free services but also give out their topmost secret in their VIP channel to help you reach your target. They will even alert you when it’s the right time to sell or buy a coin.


A good binance signal provider will guide you into short, mid, and long term goals. Good trading signal providers should also help you learn how to manage your trading times, and work within a given timeframe to achieve your short, medium, and long-term goals. In the short-term, you should be able to reach your targets in 1-2 days, while the medium-term may take several days or weeks (mostly 2 weeks). In the long-term, it may take more time, usually several months to years to hit your target.


The secret is having access to trading signals providers who are willing to walk with you throughout the process because market situation changes require short term rather than long or medium terms, and vice versa.

Finding the best Binance Futures telegram crypto signals provider

In the trading of crypto, you cannot simply view the trend today and assume it will be profitable in the future. This is why it is essential to follow reliable trading signals from trusted telegram crypto signals providers.


To find the best trading signals, it is important to start thinking about it as an investment.

Because, if you think about crypto trading as a way of making quick money or getting rich, you’re setting yourself up for failure.


There are specific steps that you need to follow to make it in crypto trading, or rather before you purchase a subscription for trading signals.

Rule #1: Develop a list of your top binance futures telegram crypto signals providers

The first step here is to create your list of top binance futures signals providers. You can achieve this with the help of Google, from which you can see crypto signal reviews, feedback from users. It is always necessary to work with experienced providers who understand and knows the workings of the crypto market.


In your Google search, you’ll meet many negative reviews about some providers that refer themselves as top binance futures providers. However, the strategy is to look at the review logically, not emotionally. It is, thus, important to check if the signals provider is marked as “trusted.”


But you don’t have to stress yourself of the need to search anymore because you’re already here. You can use our signals that will provide you with some of the most reliable and trusted signals.

Rule #2: Pricing model

When in search for trusted trading signals, keep off providers that claim to provide “lifetime subscription-only”, and those whose offer prices are too low or too high.

A good binance signals provider will offer you multiple options for subscriptions, mostly bundled in months (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly).

The average prices of the top binance futures signals ranges from $70-$100 per month, and most offer discounts if you subscribe annually.

Rule #3: Communication and customer support

The top binance futures signals providers have the best teams to support their customers. Communication is key for any serious business, and if they seem not to take it seriously then it is high time you don’t take them seriously as well.

When in communication with a representative from a signal provider, it is upon you to read in between the lines if their communication is professional. If the representative can’t communicate professionally then it is high time you reconsider having them as your signal provider. 

The providers must be professional in their support and communication!

Rule #4: Signal provider’s activities during market fluctuations

A binance trading signals provider whose activities are sporadic, or does not look consistent cannot be trusted. One of the best features that you will find with our listed providers is that they are always consistent in their activities during crypto market fluctuation.

During the market fluctuation period, the prices become unpredictable, and a good provider should inform you as such. 

Rule #5: The results of the channels, mini-reviews, and ads

The result of the channel is an important indicator for a performing or an accurate signal provider. Nearly all signal providers share their results or outcomes with their followers. However, you must be careful with those providers that only share rosy results, and never release any negative outcome.

The reality is that no one can be perfect when it comes to predicting futures, and a lot of times we mainly focus on probabilities. So if a signal provider is having 100% positive results every single day, run before you get scammed.

You will also encounter mini-reviews from other users, which will guide you in making decisions.

Lastly, take caution when you see a signal provider is actively engaged in a lot of cross-marketing. Spamming other channels or bots with ads is enough for you to question the authenticity of the telegram crypto signals provider.

Binance Futures Signals for telegram

There are many crypto signals service providers, providing various benefits to users. 

However, a few of them will tell you how easy it is to lose all your crypto investments. And make no mistake, losing money in a crypto investment is not only for the newbies but even for experienced traders, particularly if they follow wrong signals from unreliable signal providers. This is why it is important to choose a reliable signal provider that will walk with you through the process of your trade.

Why you would need Binance Futures Signals

When you begin to lose your crypto during the trading journey, panic creeps in as you start to think of how to go about everything. Sometimes you may be tempted to hand over everything to trusted management to manage your trades. But you soon realize that this is not the solution because you can’t entirely trust a third party with your investments. Nothing is as devastating as losing your hard-earned cash.


With Binance Futures Signals, you will learn how to profitably and permanently trade your crypto. Binance recently launched a future trading platform referred to as Binance Futures. The platform allows traders to use leverage and to open both short and long positions. A close analysis of the platform shows that it has similar features as those of Binance’s spot exchange. The platform provides a simple trading experience with its intuitive design.

Key features we look for in Binance telegram crypto signals providers

Clear Crypto Signals that are on telegram

Trading your crypto and using the trading signals is a great way of improving the strategies you implement as a trader. Trading signals forecast how the crypto will behave in the future, so it provides a trader with a better idea when to enter the market or when to place a trade. Traders may be following a wide range of crypto trading signals in the last few years, and as such, there has been an increase in the number of crypto trading signals providers in the market. 

However, not all crypto trading signals allow users to receive clear signals or information to enter or exit certain trade positions.


Binance Futures Signals are crypto trading signals that provide real-time signals the need to enter or exit a trade. The platform also regularly offers technical analysis, as well as educational content for crypto traders of all levels. With Binance signals from Binance Futures Signals, you can get accurate information that will enable you to take a position instantly. 


The team at Binance Futures Signals is sharing their technical analysis on markets and how the market will behave in the coming days, weeks, and months. The trading signals are clear such that if the market experiences a sudden spike or drop, they will be giving their insight about the events or situations that caused the phenomenon.

Binance Futures Signals has created its indicator which is a great solution for premium users that want to get instant trading signals. The top binance futures signals would show an indicator on the chart showing the best moment to sell or buy a specific digital asset.

Crypto Signal Frequency

One of the most important features of a good trading signals provider is the ability to provide multiple signals. Multiple signals help you make informed decisions.

Considering that Binance Futures Signals is going to be providing very accurate results of the reviewed providers on trading platforms such as Binance, it is worth mentioning that leveraging trading is risky and users should be careful when using tools.
However , signal frequency can not be guaranteed by any crypto signal provider, it really depends on the market and on the risk they are willing to take on their trades, therefore signal frequency is a metric that you as a potential client will need to take with a grain of salt. A signal provider that is posting too many daily trades on Binance futures or on spot for that matter can also mean that the analyst is taking too much risk in order to provide quantity and not quality.
The best approach is to always trade with care and with a proper risk management strategy, which you can analyze from the multiple signals.

Binance Futures Signals and their Binance Futures trading signals are important because of many reasons:


  • Provides trading for several exchanges
  • Good accuracy
  • Provides signals with leverage, margin and spot
  • Offer some kind of scalping service
  • Great customer support

Proper Risk Management

Some of the well known signal providers that you can find on the web did not make it to the top 10 list because of the improper use of risk management.


Good risk management is the secret to becoming a successful trader. The idea of proper risk management is not necessarily the ability to pick precision entries and exit points, but rather an understanding of risk and risk management.


With Binance Futures Signals, you learn the art of risk management when trading futures shares. The platform exposes the traders to price risk in the market. A lot of times, risk management is either an overlooked or misunderstood area of trading, even though is a critical aspect of the trading plan. Take note that even a trading strategy as simple as a moving average crossover system can ruin the entire trading plan if proper risk management is not implemented. When developing a trading plan, Binance Futures Signals provides you with the right signals to help you manage risks as a trader. Trading signals from Binance Futures Signals will help you build a foundation of concepts you can apply to any trading plan you put in place.


The Binance signals can also be used to develop a money management plan, and consequently improve your discipline as a trader. Evidence shows that many traders don’t hesitate to enter a trade, but most of the new traders have little idea of their next move and when. Through a trading plan, you will learn the art of discipline, hence avoid the common habit among new traders of employing emotions (such as fear, greed, and anxiety) when making a trade move. When emotions take over you, there are higher chances of you making moves that are detrimental to your success.


Learning the concept of risk control is seamless with Binance Futures Signals because every trader is attracted to futures because of the leverage it provides. In other words, when you use our trading signals, you’re likely to win big even with little capital investment.

Beginner friendly

If you’re a newbie in the trading of crypto, you will need a platform that offers real-time future trading signals yet simple and efficient to use. Learn how futures trading works through our in-depth tutorial. 


You learn that the depth of market and liquidity found during the volatile periods can turn unstable market conditions the best time to trade futures. 


However, with Binance trading signals from Binance Futures Signals, you will realize that there are more other times to trade futures. Our platform helps you understand how futures trading works, as well as the opportunity to grasp the trading dynamics.


The information here delves into the ins and outs of futures, and by the end of it, you should be able to make futures trading work for you.


Trading signals are only as important as the trading itself. Wrong signals are likely to lead to more losses, hence the need to watch out for the right signals. 


Nonetheless, successful trading requires that you gain some level of experience, which every new trader lacks. Getting free crypto signals when you’re just getting started in crypto trading, for example, Binance signals is the best way to start learning crypto trading. 


Binance Futures Signals provides you with top binance futures signals that are not only accurate but also trustworthy.

Avoid telegram crypto signals scams - trade safely

In recent times, several high profile cases have emerged on social media platforms of accounts that have been hacked by scammers who sent fake posts (mostly tweets) asking followers to send money using Bitcoin.

Crypto scams have become a popular method that scammers use to trick people into sending money. These scams pop up in multiple ways, including emails, online chain referrals, or fake investment and business opportunities. They may sound so convincing that you’d not think it’s a scam until you lose money. All crypto-related scams have one thing in common: they require you to send money or make payment through a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. The moment you respond to such requests by making a payment or sending money, you lose it all.


Nowadays when you see a tweet, email, text message, or any other social media post requesting you to pay with Bitcoin, chances are high that it is a scam. Some will also pretend to guarantee that you’ll double or even triple your money or get free money in dollars or cryptocurrency.


Binance Futures Signals will provide you with safe information that is not only up-to-date but also detailed. You will know about Telegram groups, bots, and wallets that provide the best services. We source for information from industry-trusted sources that have great reviews regularly and gather it ourselves. 


We access the paid channels and check every relevant information that would benefit you in the long run. From these sources, we gain access to every information related to crypto trading, including Binance signals.


For every source, we review and ensure they provide what our users want because we do not want our users to lose money, whether they are experienced or newbies. Our promise is not to return what you lost, but to help you start winning with crypto trading, by helping you to avoid more crypto scams and scammers. We simply provide you with detailed information after careful analysis of every platform you will interact with as a trader to ensure you only deal with the trusted ones.

BFS(Binance futures signals) does not provide financial advice. We provide our unbiased review and rating for services that provide financial advice.