Telegram crypto scams

Telegram is one of the biggest social media platforms for cryptocurrency news, trading and sadly it is a breeding ground for scammers. People are being scammed every single day on telegram and the trend is not ready to stop. On this page you will find the trading scams that we know about that have been reported by our users or discovered by the BFS team. 

wdt_ID Provider Name Discovered Scam Type Community
1 CryptoDon Signals 05/03/2022 Hit and run
13 CRYPTOLAND Elite 05/12/2021 Hit and run
14 PALM BEACH VIP CHANNEL 01/03/2021 Hit and run
15 Cryptonizers 01/02/2022 Hit and run
16 Blockchain Whispers 01/06/2021 Hit and run
17 Crypto VIP Signal 01/06/2021 Hit and run
18 VVIP SIGNALS PREMIUM 10/11/2021 Hit and run
19 MOONSHOT CRYPTO 01/02/2022 Hit and run
20 USC Group 05/12/2021 Hit and run
21 Altcoins trading signals VIP 09/02/2022 Hit and run

Crypto signal providers can scam people in multiple ways. It is a lucrative bussiness for many and new traders fall prey very easily. In order to reduce the risk of being scammed we highly encourage any binancian to DYOR on the channel they want to join and to verify that the contact they are talking to on telegram is in fact a real admin of the group.

A recent trend is that scammers impersonate and copy the channels of the most known crypto signal providers and promise unbeievable profits to any new client. This is obviously a scam and you should turn and run as fast as possible. Where available please use the official links provided by the Binance Futures Signals provider and double check the admins identity.

Other scam techniques that telegram signals groups can use:
– Double your investment scheme
– Profit bloating
– Incredibly low prices
– Pump channels(not all though)

The average signal provider average monthly price is about $60-$110 , anything above this is overpriced and anything below can risk being a scam.