Top 5 telegram crypto signals groups for binance futures 2022

Interest in cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed over the past few years, but their market prices are constantly fluctuating since the industry is still in infancy. While trading with cryptocurrencies may be risky, you can utilize the services of a telegram crypto signals provider to make you profit and have ease while trading quickly. Precision is a considerable requirement while dealing with crypto, and while the markets are dynamic, a good crypto signal provider will maximize your chances of getting profits. However, many sporadic crypto signal providers are popping up each new season, and while others are legit, some are determined to con you. 

I am sure you have come across telegram signal groups or even sites showing you the best telegram crypto signals, but you are yet to make a move. Well, this article will help you learn the top 5 Binance futures’ crypto signal providers you can trust. 

1. Sublime Traders

Sublime traders provide crypto signals for Binance, Binance futures, among other major future exchanges. Sublime traders will conduct a thorough analysis and give you the best crypto signals on telegram allowing you to avoid missing good trades. Currently, Sublime Traders have 90.000 members in its free membership telegram channel and aim to attract more likeminded traders who can profit through their channel. What they do is they get their signals via an algorithm, and then they check these signals manually, giving it a unique breakout trading style like no other, earning them 5-star reviews.  The signal provider has a straightforward management risk program that they teach every trader using their services. They guarantee their traders an excellent risk-reward ratio that will allow traders to find the perfect balance while trading . Sublime traders also have a tradition of posting their monthly profits, and due to their unique breakout style of trading, they have managed to keep all their earnings positive.
This group is also the most expansive one we have ever listed on our site, it ranks on the first position over and over again not only because they provide quality signals but also because they go above and beyond in order to add value to their customers by any means possible. The last great adition to their services is their NFT alpha group that provides NFT calls and allows users to benefit from the whitelist collaborations they have. You can follow the Official NFT twitter account here.
Sublime traders’ main goal is to preserve the capital while expanding it.

2. Binance Killers

Best known for futures signals, Binance Killers reliable telegram crypto signals and analysis for Binance Futures. Apart from offering their members trading signals, Binance Killers post daily updates about the market in general. Binance Killers will conduct a complete technical analysis for each trade, and where their client has any questions; their support team is always at standby, available to attend to any of their requests. Their telegram channel has both free membership and a paid VIP membership. The advantage of having a VIP membership is that you can get exclusive market insights and news even before they are available to the general public.  With a free channel membership, you can quickly learn about the markets from their market analysis and the signals they offer. Binance Killers also offer some trading features suitable to professional traders. The only disadvantage to using this trading signal is that they are yet to have a trading bot or any supporting software; as such, their traders have to enter their trades manually. Binance Killers have an overall rating of 9.3 out of 10, which is quite an impressive score. 

3. FED Russian Insiders

The Fed Russian Insiders (FRI) is a crypto trading community operating exclusively via a telegram channel. Its team comprises three well-seasoned traders who come from traditional markets with high experience in stocks, commodities markets, and trade indexes. FRI prefers long timeframes, which are usually insensitive to market chops. This trading procedure can be exciting and boring for some, but it can assure you profits even in the worst trading season, as was witnessed in May 2021. Their crypto trading signals have a higher timeframe, guaranteeing you to lead to a very high percentage of profit gains. The extended timeframe e may have its disadvantages, but it comes with an upside; the trading gap is solid, and risks are protected, reducing any stress of incurring losses.  Their customer support gives responses to its clients directly from its admins. The average wait time is about an hour, but the answer is worth the wait given that it has a very knowledgeable background. The only negative part of using Fed Russian Insider is that their market trade learning materials are not up to date considering the situation at the current markets. 

4. Whale ALPHA

Extremely high quality Algoritmic trading signals, sent directly to telegram in the palm of your hand.
The Whale ALPHA telegram crypto signals group is a new addition to our review site proposing straight forward signals with clear entries and exits, gem calls and technical analysis. Whale Alpha also uses integration with their telegram signals for binance futures, further facilitating the use of the services they propose. In terms of pricing they offer one of the most competitive pricing packages on the market and guide their users through the trading process step by step. We also note that we appreciate the frequency of the signals even in difficult markets.

5. 4c Trading

4C trading utilizes the services of crypto trading bots with a profit outcome every month. 4C trading will give you a market analysis on the coins that move in the market. They will also inform and educate you on the crypto markets and prices giving you leverage to your trading activities. 4C trading also protects its clients from risks. For instance, when there was extreme volatility, it issued caution notices and suspended any trading to prevent losses. That was until the crypto trade achieved its normalcy.  Their telegram channel provides its subscribers with daily market news, analysis, and strategies to employ in trading. If you are looking to try out an intelligent automated signal platform for your crypto trading, 4C is one of the best choices. 4C trading has a support team ready to talk to you and get you on the right foot. The main disadvantage with using 4C trading, apart from its exorbitant subscription fees, is the services offered, which will take time before a novice can completely understand.