How to buy Bitcoin(BTC) in 2021

So first of all , the basics

What is BITCOIN?

Released in 2009 by an unknown single author or group named Satoshi Nakamoto, the project named Bitcoin emerged out of nowere, aimed at decentralising money as a whole and giving financial freedom to those who need it, anonimity, basically control over their whole finances. It is based on a decentralized ledger system also known as ‘the blockchain’

In 2021, Bitcoin has become so popular that we see it all over the media, be it television or internet, so unless you have lived in a cave you must have heard of it at least once.

Do i need to buy a whole bitcoin?

NO! This is one of the biggest exploits of BTC, you can buy fractions of it , fractions that are also called ‘Satoshis’ named after the creator. So you can buy $10 worth of Bitcoin whenever you like.

How to buy Bitcoin in 2021?

The obvious answer for this is an exchange, more specifically a cryptocurrency exchange. Exchanges provide the users with the way to change fiat currency like USD, EUR, GBP to cryptocurrency like BTC, ETH and LTC

Why choose Binance?

While there are multiple exchanges around, Binance is the current leader, a well earned position that is due to the versatility of the platform, variety of the traded assets, tools, top notch support and low transaction fees.
We are the leaders of the exchange market because we listen to our community and we add new features every month. We make buying crypto fast, easy, and safe. The Customer Support team is always ready to help. 

Buy your first Bitcoin

First of all you will need to create an account on Binance. To do so you will need to open an account here:

Open binance account

Once your account is opened you will be able to buy your first bitcoin by selecting a payment through credit card or simply by bank transfer.

As Bitcoin became more and more popular the ways of aquiring it have gotten easier.

Buying Bitcoin is really easy on Binance. If you are living in our times, owning a small part of tomorrow is a must, the potential of the project, the interest that institutional investors give to BTC is growing each day.

Please take note that Binance has a KYC AML registration process for every new client. Once that is done you will benefit of the fastest and most secure cryptocurrency platform on the planet.

Binance trading Signals

Once your first BTC bag is in pocked you can do several things like holding long term (or HODL) , investing in altcoins or trading by yourself or… be an educated trade and learn first and follow the experienced traders that have years of trading cryptocurrency.
These traders are called signal providers. They provide cryptocurrency trading signals and often do so using crypto channels on telegram and discord.
Because there are a lot of signal providers we went ahead and selected the very best out there, the complete list is available here best crypto signals .

We tested them , vetted them and had long talks with the owners so we can understand the way they work and make sure they are really Binance worthy.