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Binance signals telegram channels in 2021 – a hitchhikers guide

Binance signals telegram channels, the topic of our post today, important for some, as trading is extremely hard to get into. As always we at Binance Futures Signals are doing our best to shed some light on the segment of telegram crypto signals. When join telegram for the first time and search for “crypto” or “crypto signals” , you will be presented with the largest crypto groups, but are they neccessarily the best crypto groups that telegram has to offer?

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Telegram crypto channels – the good

Binance signals telegram channels for trading crypto existed ever since the creation of telegram , one could say that telegram was created for crypto, even if that is not true. Telegram was created with extreme privacy in mind , and when we talk privacy and freedom we talk about cryptocurrency aswell. So the support was perfect for the creation of crypto channels and groups. The good thing in general about telegram is that you can find a lot of stuff, the problem is that you need to digest it and be able to separate it from the useless information.

Telegram crypto channels – the bad

There are a miriad of Binance signals telegram channels, crypto channels, crypto signal groups on telegram, and when we first have contact with them we do not know what is good and what is bad, let alone how to stay away from bad channels. What can be defined as bad in this article are the channels that provide superfluous information or that give pieces of free information with the intent of passing users on paid services. Nothing wrong here, however there are channels that do so and do not provide good value for the money at all . Even if this is not always intentional, we consider those channels to be a bad value overall and thats why we encourage users to chose a telegram signal channel from our vetted list.

Telegram crypto channels – the ugly

Now to the ugly part. The scammers, and oh boy telegram is teaming with scammers. Extremely easey to fall prey to them as they use multiple techniques from ghost channels to copying the admin usernames of known established channels or even copying entire telegram crypto channels. This is the hardest part to avoid . What we can recommend is that you take a look at our reviews and chose a telegram channel for trading crypto on our site. We take the time to check every provider thoroughly and provide a non biased result on our findings.

Binance signals telegram channels – how to spot the best?

Binance is the biggest exchange and the best , and the most varied so we heavily emphasize our work for signals that are related to this exchange.
The best telegram channel for trading on binance doesn’t exis…. Oh wait, there is a list you can check out. Maybe the fact that we spend months on testing each signal channel says something. Right so where can you check them ? Simple, take a look at our homepage, it is updated regularly with the latest results from every binance and binance futures channel and they are vetted by our team.