Binance futures signals – Best of March 2022

Binance futures signals has seen a month of March 2022 that was difficult yet profitable month for most of the crypto signal providers that we rank on our site. The market opened at $44.300 , then dipped for 15.5% and then went for a spectacular run to close the month with almost 4.5% profit. There have been a lot of liquidations along the way but those who had the feel for the market managed to pull quite a good trading month.

March in defensive stance

As many of you know, Binance Futures Signals has for sole purpose to rank signal providers by signal profit and not only. This month we have seen our favourite signal providers in a defensive position, with a geopolitical landscape that is everchanging and that can make even strong trends die off and eventually reverse.

What we liked and what we didn’t this month

The critical eye of Binance futures signals sees everything, and it should be this way, else this platform would have no meaning. This month we saw our top 3 signal providers adapting to the mini trends with speed and precision , we highly appreciate this on one hand because it makes users profit and on the other hand because it further validates our choice.
Sublime Traders has focused their attention to developping their discord community and the NFT Alpha group while continuing to provide short term signals both long and short.
Binance Killers have their own trading style that is in our opinion a slower approach to trading, slow but… efficient aswell, with several stop losses hit, they managed to pull off a positive month.

Some of the other signal providers that we list here on Binance Futures Signals were less active in an effort to avoid being on the wrong side of the trades and some took the risk of taking trades that eventually led to stop losses.

The macroeconomic context

War and inflation have led the markets sideways on the cyptocurrency and stock markets aswell. While the volatility has reached peak levels and liquidating longs in the first part of the month , partly due to the invasion in eastern Europe, the last part of the month has lead some of the most followed coins on Binance soaring several hundreds of percents.

What to expect in April

Due to popular demand, Binance Futures Signals has added a new page dedicated to telegram crypto scams and so a new list is born, this time the providers do not want to find themselves present. We ask any visitor that has been scammed to file a complaint with us and send as much information as possible.
In April we can expect the market to consolidate and even grow due to a big influx of new crypto investors that has already started coming in.
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Closing thoughts

March has been a technical month and has revealed the skill of some of our telegram crypto signals groups and has put retail investors in doubt wether they should stay in or get out. The certain thing is that the wise will stay in the game while the get rich quick traders are at a high risk.