Crypto signals telegram channels

Crypto signals Telegram channels, find the best ressources in 2021

We all know that crypto and telegram are two things that go hand in hand but sadly there is a lot of noise to supress before diving in to quality content. As with most social media platforms, distinguishing the noise from the true quality content is not always easy.

There are a lot of types of crypto related on telegram, and let’s not forget that telegram has added more than 100 million users in 2021 so the growth is absolutely massive. Lets focus on the ones that provide really valuable content.

Crypto signals Telegram providers

It would seem that are a lot of them on telegram, but the ones that are worthy come up on sites, blogs, youtube and other media too. One of the most basic rules to finding a good provider is to have repeated occurences of their name mentioned around the web. With a simple “provider name + review” keyword string on google we can find if they are only based on telegram or if they truly have an established internet presence. Usually those that are only based on telegram lack either quality or some other important aspect that you are looking for or are pure scammers. Yes, there are a lot of that on telegram too. Word of advice , be wary of direct messages that entice you to participate in airdrops or some other dodgy thing.

What do crypto signals providers do ?

Short answer is they find the best trades for you to take . They use their techniques, knowledge and sometimes proffessional tools to identify the best entries and exits in the crypto market world.

On Binance Futures Signals we are mainly tracking the signal providers that offer crypto trading signals on the Binance Exchange. Why? Because Binance is in fact the undisputed leader of the cryptocurrency exchange world point.

Cryptocurrency news channels on telegram

This is another source of information that can be either a gold mine or a minefield. Yes, the correlation is exact. A lot of telegram “news outlets” are posting either redigested content or just post only content that is paid for by the people wanting to promote their crypto projects. The sources of news outlets are also oftenly just copy pastes from known media sites like and others.

Some pointers for choosing crypto telegram channels

  • Check on google “Name + review”
  • Verify the sources for news channels
  • Contact the admins and ask your questions
  • For news channels you can pass as a potential project owner and see how they react
  • For crypto signals telegram channels you can paper trade for a while
  • If it’s free be warned, they can gain on other parts
  • Do not participate in pump and dumps , you will regret it
  • Try to find active communities, not crypto factories
  • Oftenly the communities that have 50k+ members are low in quality and the channels will not really help you

Now all the crypto signals binance telegram channels that we show on our site are all validated by US. We are putting a lot of time and effort into verifying and testing their quality, performance, support and other factors. Check our list on the homepage to have an idea of the best telegram crypto channels around in 2021.